Event Staffing ROCK STARS of the Month!

Featuring Brand Ambassadors who present exceptional principles & service in the field.

Congratulations to our August Rock Star:



How has your experience working with FUSION differed from other events?

  •  Fusion will always have a special place in my heart because Fusion was the 1st agency that gave me the opportunity to work in the promo industry. Throughout the years, I’ve worked with other companies and still I like to go back to Fusion - not just because of the fun events,  but the Brand Ambassadors whoI have worked with are different from others;  Fusion's BAs all genuinely work as a team and build a relationship - even if it’s just for a one-day event. The Team at the office are always pleasant and provide great communication between the Account Managers and their BAs/Team Leads.

What motivates you to be a “Rock Star” out in the field? 

  • Working with a great team and a fun event always motivates me to do my best.  When the client/onsite manager is excited about the brand and makes the environment fun and professional always helps me strive to do better as well. 


Which aspect of the promotions industry do you find the most enjoyable?

  • Definately anything music related! I love music and working for a music festival or concert  - and any events with brands I know and love are always enjoyable because it’s easy to work for something I am comfortable informing consumers about.  

The Difference.

Marketing managers often receive Event Staff who poorly represent their brand. 

We provide reliable, experienced Brand Ambassadors to increase your success by influencing our Ambassadors to serve as Leaders who embrace 7 principles and drive greater results.

Drive Staff Leadership Program:

Principle #3  TRUST

Trust is everything.  

We trust our Ambassadors to arrive on-time and exceed client expectations.

You can trust in Fusion.

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